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SOCCER is held in the Spring & the Fall. Children ages 4-16 can participate. Practices are held twice a week at Lucille Brown Middle School. Games are once a week. Participants will learn basic soccer skills and teamwork. U-14 & U-19 Coming Soon!

Our Commitment

BOBCAT EXPLORERS allows children 7 & up to learn about the natural habitats and ecology in our area. Our guides teach about our streams, the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, pollutions, tracking, rock formation, varieties of trees, butterflies and more. This FREE program is held at Powhite Park.
We are especially pleased to have an association with RVA Soccer. This program, founded and run by Carlos Ramos, was found to have similar values as the Bobcats.
We work together so that both clubs can have their players on older teams, not available with Richmond Parks and Recreation.  We are hoping to expand our combined teams and offer teams through U-19!

We are committed to bettering the greater Southside community.
​We are able to provide a stable and safe outdoor area for families to enjoy outdoor activity together and to practice healthy lifestyles.


Congratulations to the U-16 Team. 2018 Sun Cup Champions!

SWIMMING is held on in partnership with Swim RVA during the summer. Participants will learn the basics of breath control, going underwater, floating, kicking and basic swim strokes. Once completed, participants are eligible to join the swim team.
Thank you for your support!


Did you know?

Obesity now affects 17% of all children and adolescents in the U.S.; triple the rate from just one generation ago.

Fast food consumption and lack of exercise are main causes for obesity.

Over the past 11 years, our coaches,
volunteers, and Bobcat parents have
​made the commitment to a

Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrition, Physical Activity, Emotional Health, Hygiene


No tolerance for bullying on and off the fields, team work, and positive attitude. 


We encourage family participation, teamwork, and fair play on and off the field. 


Bobcat Sports League was formed to encourage, teach and sponsor the inner city, underserved, multicultural youth sports activities.

We provide services to inner city underserved youth, but all are welcome. By offering a safe place to play, we are preventing and controlling childhood obesity. We teach activity through good example, sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork and a healthy lifestyle.

 We are volunteer based and we value the continuing commitment our coaches, assistant coaches, sponsors, and Bobcat families have shown over the past 11 years.

Our Mission

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501(c)3 Charitable Organization


 Building a Brighter Future through Youth Development